I hate slow walkers but what this article makes me think of the most is the exchange V. and I had recently with an irate old crazy lady. V. and I had just gotten out of a hangover lunch at the good Chinese place (mmmm cold spicy sesame noodles and spicy garlic pork) and were understandably, moving a little slow, but by no means too slow, and certainly not tourist slow. Anyway all of sudden someone shoves me, and then V., and then me again, and the V., again. Understandably startled and enraged, V. and I turn around in unison to begin regaling the offender with the appropriate obscenities, when the women full on body checks me, at which point we both start screaming at her. Now this is where we lose sense of any flow of logic on the part of this crazy lady, because in response to our exhortations, she full on stops in front of us, and this is right after punching her way through our bodies, to scream back at us. “This is NEW YORK! People WALK FAST!” and before she could get another word out we both screamed back “WE LIVE IN NEW YORK, AND WHATS THE POINT OF SHOVING THROUGH US IF YOU ARE GOING TO STOP AND YELL AT US AFTER? “ ok maybe just one of us said that, and various other things, there was a lot of yelling, and anyway she got freaked out and ran into a building. But yeah, slow walkers, and the people that hate them.