I wish people would leave Amanda bynes alone bc she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and her mom took her off her medication against doctors orders and now she’s having a manic episode and all of these people are making fun of her

she literally cannot control how she acts and she’s unaware that the way she’s acting is abnormal and it’s really shitty that people are laughing at her expense

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Contrary to popular belief, marginalized groups actually don’t owe allies anything and aren’t obligated to praise allies just for showing basic human decency.

No but marginalized groups can’t treat allies like shit either

Yea we know, otherwise you’ll literally kill us

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There is a toxic question that surrounds abused women: “why didn’t she just leave him?”
The answer, too often, is that many women that do leave get killed.
“The thing that I did not know that was so revealing to me was that anywhere between 50% and 75% of domestic violence homicides happen at the point of separation or after [the victim] has already left [her abuser],” says Cynthia Hill, director of HBO’s Private Violence.
“When I met Kit Gruelle, she would always point out: ‘Estranged husband. Ex-husband. Ex-boyfriend. Estranged boyfriend.’ It was always that she had tried to leave. She had done exactly what we think they’re supposed to do and she dies. And her children die.”

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*artist paints a woman who’s not upper class*


Art Historians: “She’s a prostitute”

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I don’t want to make art in this world because it is not about art. It is about how you look and who you know and how sexy and fun you are and how ok you are with excluding large groups of people…it is about elitism and class and being silent. To succeed in this world is to be…


Lauren Albert

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Anonymously tell me about the person you’re in love with.

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(fuckboy who obviously loves himself and is texting 6 internet girls right now voice) i’m trash

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little bits of straw are sticking to it, which is not a problem with other types of cat
The fantastical, or absurd, is in this sense the real, or the everyday, in that our everyday lives are outrageously pressurized in ways that we become habituated to, that become invisible, and then rear up in all sorts of painful intensifications, symptoms and so forth. Forms of magic—magical thinking, magical transformations, and magical actions—represent reachable, alternative forms of agency and knowledge in lieu of political power for the disenfranchised, abandoned, and oppressed.
By the way, I’m not recommending magical thinking in this book! I’m just trying to think why it becomes a tool and how magic/magical thinking itself in all its complicated manifestations, from manic self-delusions of grandeur, to the clairvoyant, the synchronistic, the Gnostic, and the pagan, becomes useful. I feel dream logic and magic at work in the world. But it is complicated isn’t it? People turn to prophecy when they feel out of control, when they feel they can’t understand or have a say in their future. What is the difference between seeking prophetic knowledge and seeking political agency? I use the fantastical, the absurd, and the surreal to try to explore the contradictions there.
by Miranda Mellis, interview with Green Apple Books (via lovevoltaireusapart)