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i jus rly feel this

Nick Payne

i woke up like dis


"Precarious cognitive workers are forced to think in terms of competition. You can become friends with another person on Facebook, but genuine friendship is difficult under conditions of virtual isolation and intense economic competition. If we want to find the way towards autonomous collective subjectivation we have to generate cognitarian awareness with regard to an erotic, social body of the general intellect. The way to autonomous and collective subjectivation starts here: from the general intellect searching for a body."
-BIFO on e-flux: http://www.e-flux.com/journal/cognitarian-subjectivation/

LOVE this essay. If you read only one text on immaterial labour theory, make it this one.

snapchat patois p. 1 & 2 
excerpt from 22 sonnets ebook

I love you, but, because inexplicably I love in you something more than you (l’object petit a), I mutilate you.
by Jacques Lacan (via cloudnoise)

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A moody, sexy acoustic version of a great werewolfish song. If this hasn’t been featured on Teen Wolf I’d be mighty surprised.

Dream me oh dreamer
down to the floor
open my hands and let them
weave onto yours

Feel me, completer
down to my core
open my heart and let it
bleed onto yours

Feeding on fever
down all fours
show you what all that
howling’s for

Hey hey my playmate
let me lay waste to thee
burned down their hanging trees
it’s hot here hot here hot here hot here

Got a curse we cannot lift
shines when the sunset shifts
there’s a cure comes with a kiss
the bite that binds the gift that gives

now that we got gone for good
writhing under your riding hood
tell your gra’ma and your mama too
it’s true
we’re howling forever

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Ok I’m kind of obsessed with this. Everyone should go do this.


Nick Payne in “Wacky Worlds”
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